Cats’ tendency to knead soft surfaces

Do you ever wonder why your feline friend loves to knead soft surfaces like blankets, pillows, or even your lap? This behavior, known as “kneading,” is actually quite common among cats and can be traced back to their kittenhood. When kittens nurse from their mother, they knead her belly to stimulate milk flow. As they grow older, cats retain this instinctual behavior as a way to show comfort and contentment.

Kneading is not only a sign of relaxation for cats, but it also helps them mark their territory with scent glands located in their paw pads. So, the next time your cat is happily kneading away, know that they are simply expressing their happiness and creating a cozy spot for themselves.

If you want to encourage this behavior, provide your cat with soft, comfortable surfaces to knead on. You can also gently pet them while they knead to enhance the bonding experience. Just be sure to trim their nails regularly to prevent any accidental scratches during their kneading sessions.

Embrace your cat’s natural instincts and enjoy the soothing sensation of their gentle kneading. It’s just another endearing quirk that makes our feline companions so irresistibly charming!

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