Cats’ reaction to new furniture

Are you thinking about getting new furniture for your home but worried about how your feline friend will react? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Cats are known for their curious and sometimes unpredictable behavior when it comes to changes in their environment, including new furniture.

When you bring home that brand new couch or coffee table, your cat may be quick to investigate. Some cats may immediately claim the new piece as their own, while others may be more cautious and take their time to warm up to it. It’s important to give your cat space and time to adjust to the new furniture at their own pace.

To help your cat acclimate to the new addition, consider placing familiar blankets or toys on the furniture to make it more inviting. You can also offer treats or playtime near the new piece to create positive associations. And don’t forget to provide plenty of vertical spaces, like cat trees or shelves, for your cat to escape to if they feel overwhelmed.

Remember, patience is key when it comes to introducing new furniture to your cat. With time and positive reinforcement, your feline friend will likely come to accept and maybe even enjoy the new additions to their environment.

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