Cats’ preference for lounging on armrests

Do you ever find your feline friend perched comfortably on the armrest of your couch, claiming it as their own personal throne? Cats seem to have a natural affinity for lounging on armrests, whether it’s to survey their kingdom from a higher vantage point or simply to bask in the warmth of the sun.

This behavior can be traced back to their wild ancestors, who would seek out elevated spots to keep an eye out for potential predators or prey. By lounging on armrests, domestic cats are able to mimic this instinctual behavior, feeling safe and secure in their elevated position.

If you want to encourage this behavior, consider providing cozy blankets or cushions on the armrests to make them even more inviting. Just be prepared for some occasional kneading and purring as your cat settles in for a long nap.

So next time you catch your cat claiming the armrest as their own, remember that it’s not just about comfort – it’s a way for them to feel safe and in control of their environment. Embrace their preference for lounging on armrests and watch as they enjoy their own little piece of paradise.

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