Cats’ preference for high places to nap

Have you ever noticed your feline friend always seeking out the highest spot in the room for a nap? It’s not just a coincidence – cats have a natural instinct to find elevated areas to rest. In the wild, being up high helps them survey their surroundings for potential threats and prey.

So, why do our domesticated cats still exhibit this behavior? Well, for one, it provides them with a sense of security and control. Being up high allows them to feel safe from any perceived dangers on the ground. Additionally, it gives them a better vantage point to observe their territory and keep an eye on their humans.

If your cat is constantly climbing to the top of bookshelves, cabinets, or cat trees, consider providing more vertical space for them to explore. Cat shelves, window perches, and tall cat trees are great options to satisfy their natural instinct to be up high. Not only will this make your cat happy, but it will also help prevent them from climbing on unsafe surfaces.

Next time you find your cat snoozing on a high shelf, remember that it’s not just about comfort – it’s a deeply ingrained behavior that stems from their wild ancestors. Embrace their love for heights and create a safe and cozy environment for them to enjoy their elevated naps.

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