Cats’ preference for fresh water

Have you ever noticed your feline friend turning up their nose at a bowl of water that’s been sitting out for too long? Cats are known for their finicky behavior when it comes to water, and their preference for fresh, clean water is no exception. In the wild, cats are instinctively drawn to running water, as it is often a sign of freshness and purity. This preference has carried over into our homes, where many cats will ignore a stagnant bowl of water in favor of a dripping faucet or a freshly filled bowl. To cater to your cat’s preference for fresh water, consider investing in a cat fountain. These devices circulate and filter the water, keeping it oxygenated and appealing to your feline friend. Additionally, make sure to change your cat’s water regularly and wash their water bowl daily to ensure it stays clean and fresh. By understanding and accommodating your cat’s preference for fresh water, you can help keep them hydrated and healthy. After all, a happy cat is a well-hydrated cat!

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