Cats’ love for running water

Do you ever wonder why your feline friend is so fascinated with running water? It’s not just a quirky behavior – there are actually some interesting reasons behind it. One theory is that cats are drawn to running water because in the wild, still water is more likely to be contaminated. So, your cat’s preference for running water could be a survival instinct kicking in. Another reason could be related to temperature. Cats may prefer running water because it’s cooler and fresher than water that has been sitting in a bowl for a while. If your cat loves running water, consider getting a cat water fountain. Not only does it provide a source of fresh, filtered water, but it also encourages your cat to stay hydrated. So, next time you catch your kitty trying to drink from the faucet, remember that it’s not just a quirky habit – it could be their way of staying healthy and happy.

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