Cats’ love for batting at mobiles

Do you ever notice your feline friend swatting at your mobile phone when you’re trying to use it? It’s not just a random behavior – cats are naturally drawn to moving objects, and your phone screen is like a digital toy to them! Cats have a strong hunting instinct, and anything that moves quickly can trigger their predatory instincts. So, when they see your fingers moving across the screen or a video playing, they can’t help but try to catch it. It’s their way of staying entertained and engaged. If you want to redirect this behavior, try using interactive cat toys that mimic the movement of your mobile screen. This way, your cat can satisfy their hunting instincts in a more appropriate way. Remember, it’s important to provide mental and physical stimulation for your furry friend to keep them happy and healthy. Next time you see your cat swatting at your mobile, remember that it’s just their natural instincts at play. Embrace their playful nature and find ways to engage with them that are both fun and enriching!

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